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Top 10 Neighbourhoods in Edmonton

August 26th, 2014 by Christina Bieniek

Hi Readers,

Besides my Real estate there is nothing more than I enjoy writing about than my city, the two go hand in hand.

I recently read an article in Avenue magazine about the top neighbourhoods in Edmonton, so I decided to share that with my readers. Although Edmonton is full of amazing areas these are the top 10 the people of our city came up with:

1. Crestwood

2. Ritchie


4. Stathearn

5. Garneau

6. Westmount

7. Downtown

8. Glenora

9. Oliver


From Scenery, Convenience, History or all of the above these areas are prime hot spots for us Edmontonians. With fall approaching and summer on it’s way out there is no better time to look for your dream home.

What is your favourite neighbourhood in Edmonton?

Stay Tuned! This week I will be blogging about a handful of topics!

You’re friendly neighbourhood Realtor,

Krystyna Bee

Renovate your home & up goes the value!

August 11th, 2014 by Christina Bieniek

Hi readers, sorry I’ve been MIA for the past couple months. I’m back and ready to write about real estate and everything else you need to know about the market. We all want the highest price for our home and we think we deserve that. Here are a few tips and tricks when you decide to renovate your home to increase it’s value

1) Transform your kitchen & Open Space –Buyers often want open spaces that over see the main floor. It is much more pricier to renovate a kitchen and open up walls but if you do so I can guarantee that you will see a major up sell of your home. Remember, In todays day and age a family does not want to be cramped up in a kitchen and not see what is going on in the living room. So tear down the walls and give the family what they want, open spaces are key when renovating your home! 
2) Reminder** Do not forget to put closets when renovating the bedrooms –I know it sounds like common sense but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve entered a newly renovated home and seen that the bedrooms have no closets in them. This is a big faux pas and will turn off many potential buyers
3) New fresh coat of paint- Painting is one of the least expensive ways to improve the look of your home. Don’t be stingy on the paint; from the inside to outside this will freshen up the look of your home and will increase the chances of you getting more bang for your buck. In today’s market place people aren’t afraid of colour so consider a variety of hues…maybe stay away from Neons but everything else is fair game!
4) Home Office- Tons of companies want to reduce their carbon foot print . Millions of Canadians work from home and by adding an extra room for an office it will add tons of value to your home. Green is in don’t forget that! 
5) Curb Appeal-If your house doesn’t look welcoming and fresh from the outside, potential buyer will never make it inside. Attractive  landscaping will also add value to your home as well as nice flowers or plants that are welcoming and modern. Remember making the smallest changes go a long way. 
6) Don’t forget the Basement- It’s easy to transform a basement into a recreation room,media room or man cave,” maybe even an extra bedroom for a rental unit! Just remember when renovating your basement try not to put up to many walls families want open spaces and adding walls often makes a basement look smaller than it is, sometimes less really is more. 
Ok readers stay tuned. I will be posting many more posts this month! Hope you’re as excited as I am
– Your friendly neighbourhood Realtor
Krystyna Bee

Resale homesVSNew homes

December 29th, 2013 by Christina Bieniek

With boxing week amongst us and the New Year around the corner we start to plan for 2014 ; make goals , resolutions and solutions. Perhaps in the new year you are looking to purchase a home and with that goal comes a handful of questions that need to be answered. Having a clear budget set is key and will help narrow down your choices, other questions you may want to ask yourself are;

Is location Important to you? Do you have a neighbourhood in mind? Is their a specific lay out you are looking for? do you care if there have been previous owners in the home? do you want your home to have character or practicality ? do you care how big your back yard is?

All these questions need to be in the back of your mind when you decide on whether you will be buying a new home or a resale home. Today I will be talking about all the wonderful benefits of buying a resale home!

Of course buying a nice new home has it’s perks and everyone will have their own personal preference ; these are the many reasons why you should consider buying an older home ( resale home ).

1 ) Location – Older homes are usually found in more convenient areas rather than the suburbs. Buyers will often select a home for the location and choose to remodel it later, they are often drawn to developed neighbourhoods that have a sense of community and these communities will have beautiful landscaping and tons of wonderful trees surrounding them.

Did you know in most metro centres new homes have smaller lots than older homes due to changes in land use patterns, older homes for some reason, have bigger lots and back when land was cheaper homes were developed with more square footage. The most desirable locations no longer have space to build newer homes, unless you consider demolishing an older home and build a new one.

2) Character & Craftsmanship- It is a known fact that older homes in most cases have more character that is not always seen in newer homes ; unless of course you decide to custom build every last detail. Brand new homes are usually more ” cookie cutter” with less detail and charm. Craftsmanship from the Georgian or Victorian Era style homes were made with very high standards from the wood detailing to the moldings and are now extremely hard to come by. These homes were built decades ago by wood carpenters that in today’s time do not use the same tools as they did years ago. Each piece on an older home is unique and creates great value to the home itself.

3) Schools & Surrounding Areas- Neighbourhoods can take years to build and in most cases a resale home will come with a stronger sense of community which means there will be established schools , grocery stores amongst other amenities.

Backyard – A resale home comes with landscaping that probably took years to grow and tons of older beautiful trees that provide shade on those hot summer days. Unless you plan on planting mature trees months in advance newer homes will not have the same landscape.

A new home and a resale home both have their perks! Finding the perfect home is not easy feel free to call me at 780.919.0201 if you need any other questions answered. I will be more then happy to help you find your perfect home.

Your friendly neighbourhood Realtor,

Kristina B
Re/max Real Estate

New vsUsed

November 19th, 2013 by Christina Bieniek

New VS Used

It’s a question I’m asked on a weekly basis by my clients ” should we buy a new home or is it better to buy an older home ” & I often find myself on both sides of the spectrum. There are many benefits of buying a new house but there are also benefits to buying an older house as well; it really all depends on what you want out of the home. Is it the location that you desire most or do you want everything in your home to be new and just how you wanted it.

Customizing home to ones needs:

 Homebuilders will often let buyers help design the property; it helps create a living space that is tailored to their tastes.

Less repairs:

Features of new homes hold up better than those of older homes, which may have years of wear and tear

Less maintenance:

Today’s new homes are built specifically to minimize maintenance requirements.

Did you know that many new homes are actually a lot cheaper to purchase than older homes due to the construction cost, also it seems to be a trend but homebuilders are making the yards much smaller which means the maintenance of the yard is less work. Another great thing about buying a new home is you have to worry less about repairs such as replacing the roof or fixing the plumbing, also you will see much more modern appliances such as dishwashers, wine coolers, media rooms and even gym rooms. Everyone is ” going green” you will find many new homes that are being built for energy efficiency, this will help you save on your electrical bill each month. Some reason’s why buying a new home may be right for you!

Check in Wednesday for all the pros of buying an older home!

Your Friendly neighborhood Realtor

Christina Bee

Current Residential Inventory

October 28th, 2013 by Christina Bieniek

As of October 28/2013

Current Residential Inventory is 5945 Total Residential Sales this month 1242

Average sold Price is

$380,747 house

$237,479 condo

Average Days on the Market for total Residential is 52/YTD 50

Sales to Listings Ratio 62% YTD 63%.

Current inventory

October 15th, 2013 by Christina Bieniek

Current Residental Inventory is 6139

Total Residential sales this month(October) 541

As of September 2013 we had 9033 listings/YTD

sales YTD 5938

Average price YTD $416 706

Average days on Market/YDT 43

New Arena!

October 15th, 2013 by Christina Bieniek


After all the anticipation we finally got an estimate time for Edmonton’s new Arena! It is said to commence being built in Spring 2014 and to be finished by the Fall of 2016 ( Of course this is just an estimate) quite exciting!! As of now it is currently in the planning stages. This Arena plays an immense role in REVIVING Downtown Edmonton. It will be the new home for the Edmonton Oilers , the Oil Kings and will be the venue for future concerts and events. This Arena will be found between 101 and 105 Street and 104 & 105 Avenues. Over 80 percent of Edmontonians said that this new Arena will be a definite landmark for our lovely city. There will be over 19000 seats ( which is almost adding 3000 seats ), AMAZING sight lines that will be much closer to the ice, courts and concerts. Whats more?? – Winter Gardens; which will be a foyer over 104 Ave that is said to be Alberta weather proof. This Arena is not being built alone, besides Winter Gardens there will be a community skating rink, a shopping area, new restaurants and even hotels. The arena will definitely be an ALL DAY event. The city is also making an extension for the LRT which will take individuals directly to and from the Arena. The Cost of all of this is said to be around 604 million dollars and the city is adding $ 279 million the rest of it will come from taxes…. From the sounds of it I think it will be worth it!!

Just a little information about expanding of our city!


New Listing E3354592

October 15th, 2013 by Christina Bieniek

Location, location!

New listing in Keheewin 10804 19B Ave, 4 level split situated on a big corner lot, offers 3 bedrooms, spacious living room and family room.

Asking price $339 050 >

Rexall Place in Edmonton

September 25th, 2013 by Christina Bieniek

Our Rexall Place

It is safe to say Edmonton is getting a ReVamp!! In the next year we will be experiencing many new and exciting business ventures – New High Rises on the Rise and what’s even more exciting a new Arena for our Edmontonians! If you have lived through one winter season in Edmonton you will know all about our Hockey Spirit and how much we support our Oilers! Even if you know nothing about the sport , most will still cheer on and have pride for our beloved Team. It definitely brings the people of our city together ; whether it be grabbing a beer with your co-worker to talk about the game or chatting with your neighbour about last nights game , the Oilers are a great conversation starter. The home of the Oilers and where many people spend hours cheering them on is an Arena located on 7424 118 Ave on the Northside of Northlands . Rexall Place opened up November 10 , 1974 and has gone through various name changes. From the Colliseum to Skyreach centre and finally Rexall this arena is mainly used to host games for the Oilers , the Oil Kings, Edmonton’s National Lacrosse League and of course for Concerts! It was decided last year by Edmonton’s City Council that our Arena needed a change, the capacity holds 16 800 people and is one of the only arenas not capable of seating 17 000 to enjoy Hockey amongst other events. Not only that, for such a crowded space it can be far too noisy. We will have at least one more season in our Rexall Arena, many triumphs, a handful of good concerts and other exciting future events… but I speak for many when I say I am excited for this new Downtown Arena to come into play!! Check in tomorrow for details of the new Arena!!

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

– Christina Bee

My new listing 16209 129A str MLS E3352183

September 18th, 2013 by Christina Bieniek

E3352183 2 storey house almost 2100Ft2 with 4 +1 bedrooms, great upgrades, fully finished basement, great pie shaped lot with professionally done landscaping, with trees, shrubs, gazebo, brick fire pit, brick pation, BBQ with cover stand and the asking price is $529050, call me or email, open house will take place on Sunday September29 2-4 pm

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